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* The historical society continues to develop new programs for a possible re-opening in 2021.  Currently the train station museum is CLOSED. 

Programs and Special Events

   The Society has several types of programs and special events during the year. The public is invited to all of these events.

The Cresco Station Museum: The society has regular programs at the Cresco Station Museum. From Memorial Day to Columbus Day, there is a monthly performance by local musicians and an Ice Cream Social. The museum is also the site of an Art's and Craft's Exhibit on the second Sunday of each month. Local Artists and Crafters display and sell their work. Exhibits change periodically.

Regular Meeting and Programs:

The Society has a monthly meeting which is held the third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Friendly Community Center. From November to March the meetings will be held at 2:00 PM. Following a short business meeting, a scheduled speaker covers some aspect of local history. The June meeting is a field trip to a place of historical importance, the location is usually within one hour drive.

Special Events: The Society holds several special events during the year. Watch for announcements here.  

Coming Events: At the Cresco Station Museum: 

The reopening of the Museum for the remainder of 2021: please see the heading for details.