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History of the Barrett Township Historical Society

   The Barrett Township Historical Society was formed July 30, 1993. There were 66 charter members.

    The mission statement of the Society is to promote the history of Barrett Township and surrounding area. The service of the Society is dedicated to educating diverse audiences through a variety of resources and programs.

Goals include: preserving information about the township and its people; promoting, collecting and preserving historical research; collecting and preserving historical artifacts; collecting information relative to the growth and development of the population and developing educational programs to all age groups.

The Barrett Township Historical Society is a 501c3 corporation. All contributions are tax deductable.

The Society Logo was designed by Doris Price Fellows in 1995.

 Answers to "Back of 2014" Calendar Quiz

Top Row: 1. Overlook  2. Henry Price House  3. Ideal Ease 4. Krummel Hill House 5. Monomonoc

Second Row: 1. Mount Airy House 2. NanRo Cottages 3. Mountain Lake House 4. Orchard Cottages

                     5. Willow Dell

Third Row: 1. Spruce Cabin Inn 2. Spruce Mountain House 3. Woodside 4. Belvedere Inn

                    5. Canadensis Hoel

Fourth Row: 1. Griscom Hall 2. Villa Brentini 3. Pleasant Ridge House 4. Woodlawn House

                    5. Sylvan Lodge